Sioux Falls Pediatrician Says Trampoline Related Injuries Common At Clinic

FL Mother Speaks Out On Social Media After Toddler Injured At Trampoline Park

A mother in Florida is warning other parents after her child was injured while jumping at a trampoline park. She says the child fell and broke his femur bone, forcing him to be in a cast from the waist down.

“As hard as it is to relive the past 12 days, we feel compelled to make other parents aware of the danger associated with indoor trampoline parks.”

It was on July 7, that the mother made this plea to other parents on Facebook. She says her 3-year-old boy was seriously injured while jumping on a trampoline by himself at a Sky Zone in Tampa.

She wrote, “… these facilities are specifically advertising for Toddler Time, when in fact toddlers should be no where near trampolines.”

“We’ve seen children with back injuries or pain or strain in their back from how they land with a fall with a trampoline,” said Sanford Health Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Haggar.

Haggar says body strains, broken bones, and concussions; it’s common for them to see trampoline-related injuries.

“A lot of it has to do with their coordination related to their development, their ability to control their body if they do go into a fall situation, how they might try to catch or brace themselves or even just their ability in how they jump or how they land,” said Haggar.

While there’s no age where trampolines become safe, Haggar says kids under the age of six are at the highest risk of being injured.

Haggar said, “Even the best coordinated 4-year-old would be at really high risk of being injured on a trampoline.”

However, Haggar says there’s a lot that can be done to increase safety. While it may not be as much fun, nets can help the child set spatial boundaries and she suggest just one jumper at a time.

“We see the injury really go up when there’s multiple jumpers and then making sure that the child is jumping appropriately and not trying to do flips or back flips, front flips, somersaults, things that put their head at danger,” said Haggar.

Haggar says it’s a tough decision for parents to make.

Sky Zone does have a waiver parents must sign, which does warn about certain behaviors while jumping and injuries. However, it doesn’t appear to have any age restrictions listed.

We reached out to Sky Zone to see if they will be changing any of their policies:

In a statement, a spokesperson for Sky Zone said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured child and his family. Guest safety is our top priority and we are investigating how an incident of this nature might have occurred. We wish him a speedy recovery and will respect his privacy as our investigation continues. We will not be making any further comments at this time.”


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