Affordable Housing Solutions Looking to Expand Greenway Apartments

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Residents of an east side Sioux Falls apartment building could have to temporarily relocate; if a new affordable housing project gets the green light. A grant could expand the Greenway Apartment complex from 17 units to 40.

Memories of politicians.

“George McGovern,” says Greenway resident Jeff Wilka, as he points out the politicians on his wall.

That Jeff Wilka admires sit inside his apartment along with family photos and gatherings. Jeff has lived in the same building for 38 years with his cat angel. He says the affordable apartment has helped him save money over the years.

“It helps out a lot; to have an inexpensive apartment to live in, with everything else going on,” says Wilka.

Another thing that Jeff says he likes about the apartment is; it’s an ideal place for him and his family because everything is close.

“I take paratransit to work and to my medical appointments,” says Wilka.

But Jeff along with other residents might soon have to temporarily relocate from the building if the housing development receives the money needed from the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Financing program. Back on July 5th, the city council approved Affordable Housing Solutions rezoning proposal to make the one story apartment building into a three story.  The only thing left for the housing development to do is wait to hear if they get selected in November.

“One of the options we are looking at is taking a 17 unit property here and removing it and adding a brand new three story building, which would have an upwards of 40 units,” says Affordable Housing Solutions Housing Development Director Wayne Wagner.

The housing development says they would also make the one bedroom apartments and expand them into two to three bedrooms.

“And we feel that adding more density here, it will really give us a lot more opportunity to offer more affordable housing,” says Wagner.

With the need for affordable housing growing in Sioux Falls, they say their goal is to help with the demand. If the project goes through, they would also help the current residents – like Jeff- with moving.

“Relocation provides for moving assistance, which can include packing and relocation of their possessions to their new location. If there are added rents, there are some things there that we would be able to do as well,” says Wagner.

Jeff says although it worries him to leave his comfort zone; he knows the project is meant for a good.

“Tough to make everybody happy, but they try,” says Wilka

Greenway Apartments generally houses people that are around the 30 percent median average income. If they rebuild the apartment, rent would still be affordable, but they would also have options for people with a little bit of a higher income.

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