Meet A JazzFest Headliner: Denham

Aberdeen Native and Sioux Falls Resident Makes Headline Debut

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — It isn’t Aberdeen native and Sioux falls resident Denham McDermott’s first time at JazzFest.

“I sang back-up vocals for a band last year,” said McDermott.

Saturday night, he gets the chance to be in the forefront.

“They gave me the call this year for my group so it’s kind of nice as a local band to display our talents for the community,” said McDermott.

An aspiring musician since he was six, he said it’s somewhat genetic.

He said it was brought into his life by his mom’s side of the family.

For his first headline performance, he gets to bring it all together.

“I called them all out and they all traveled up here and they’re actually going to play with me tonight, which has always kind of been a dream of mine,” said McDermott.

For him, he said his opportunity at JazzFest this year shows the growth he’s made as a musician.

However, he credits the event for giving artists like himself exposure.

“Everybody comes together and really helps you out. The bigger events like this, they display it for, and the people who really care about you really want to push you to make it as great an experience as possible,” said McDermott.

He said he hopes JazzFest can help expose prospective music fans to something new.

“They say when you step outside your comfort zone you find out who you really are. It’s kind of cool to come out a little bit, feel it out, appreciate something that’s well done in different genres and something you may not like but if it’s well done you can say, dang, that songs a good song no matter what style you’re doing,” said McDermott.

Denham performs Saturday night at 9 on Stage Two at Yankton Trial Park.

For more information on Denham, click here.

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