Resident Speaks Up About Problem Property In Her Area

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls resident says she’s tired of calling the city about her neighbor’s home falling apart and it turns out, she’s not the only one who’s complained.

“You don’t really see how bad this is until you are in this back yard,” says homeowner Pat Oren.

Oren says from her backyard, she can see the problem– a home with paint peeling off.

“My view is not good and I spend a lot of time in my backyard, so it’s kind of sad,” says Oren.

Oren says the house that sits next to hers on North Jessica Avenue has been this way for a while, gradually getting worse over the last ten years. She’s sick of seeing it fall apart and she claims her neighbor isn’t doing anything about it.

“I have tried to convince him that he needs to do something about this house, that’s falling down and he tells me that he has no money and I’m just going to have to deal with it, the best way I know how,” says Oren.

After talking to her neighbor didn’t solve the issue, Oren brought her complaint to the city.

“I’ve called numerous people on this house and they have done absolutely nothing,” says Oren.

“The city will get involved, when there’s any kind of code violation on site to do with the property,” says City of Sioux Falls Code Enforcement Manager Matt Tobias.

City of Sioux Falls Code Enforcement says they have received multiple calls from residents about the home. They said they issued the homeowner an ordinance violation and the owner has a month to fix it. If that’s not done, another letter will be sent, and after that, the city would issue a citation.

Oren says after investing money in her own home to fix it up, she’s afraid the house next-door is impacting what her property is worth.

“It’s going to devalue this house, it has too,” says Oren.

After years of fighting for changes at this problem property, she only has one wish.

“I just want someone to do something and I don’t care at this point who,” says Oren.

Oren says she has not seen her neighbor for months now, but the city says the home is not vacant because the water bill is still being paid.

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