Sioux Falls Resident Speaks Up About Neighbor’s Property

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A resident living in the East side of Sioux Falls says she is tired of a neighbor not fixing the exterior of their house

Pat Oren says the house next to her is starting to fall apart and is afraid the house is lowering the value of the neighborhood. Pat says she has called the city and Sioux Falls housing multiple times but nothing has been done.

The city’s coding enforcement says they have received calls from residents about the house. They said they issued the home owner a City Ordinance Violation and the owner has a month to fix it, if that’s not done another letter will be sent and the next process will be for them to issue a citation.

Pat says she just hopes someone will do something, “This is my birthday wish, my birthday wish is that somebody do something about this house and after years of trying I think I deserve that.”

Today actually happens to be Pat’s birthday and she says she’s hopeful there will be a change. Coming up at 6, we hear how long Pat’s been making her concerns regarding the property.

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