Staying Ahead Of The Drought

How One Local Business And The Sioux Falls Parks And Recreation Department Are Keeping Up


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, over 355,000 people are affected by the drought conditions across South Dakota.  So we checked in with a small business and the city of Sioux Falls to see how they’re dealing with the dryness.

It’s been a tough summer for many of us across the Sioux Empire due to dry conditions.  Like many communities, Sioux Falls needs rain.  The city is about four inches below normal for precipitation, but Cliff Avenue Greenhouse and Garden Center has stayed well-prepared.

“We water first thing in the morning when we get here and then it does have depending on how hot and humid it is, if it’s really humid we may not have to water a second time in the afternoon,” said Greenhouse manager Heath Zeigler.

Zeigler said a couple of things are important for watering at home as well.

“Check them every three to four days.  If they’re dry, go ahead and soak them then, but if they are seem wet, give them another day or so you know, then soak them in real good.  That’s kind of the key,” said Zeigler.

However, sometimes watering isn’t enough to fight off dry conditions.  So the Greenhouse has kept fewer plants in stock than usual to keep waste and maintenance down.  During these dry times, they have stayed away from plants that are more susceptible to drought conditions, but some may not be as fortunate.  Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department properties are one area of concern.

“We do what we can to make sure that our – especially our athletic fields, that they are still safe to recreate on so that you know the irrigation’s part of that is to provide a healthy turf playing surface for them,” said the Sioux falls Parks Manager, Kelby Mieras.

The department said only ten percent of city parks have irrigation systems and that’s mainly for athletic fields.  Staff members said there’s really not much that can be done when it comes to the dry weather.

“Really that’s all we can do is just let nature takes its course with the rest of the parks system and hope for the best,” said Mieras.

The good news is, there is rain in the forecast for the Sioux Empire.  Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot of rain to make up for the dry conditions.



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