Residents in Brandon Banned from Watering Lawn

BRANDON, S.D.- A lawn watering ban went into effect Monday night, as the Brandon city council came to the decision due to the city’s high water demand.  The city says they have gone from using 650,000 gallons of water in the winter to using up to 2 million gallons of water as of now.

“All rain is good at this point in time, so hopefully, it continues to rain this week,” says Brandon City Administrator Bryan Read.

The sound of sprinklers hitting the lawn is a sound not many Brandon residents can have right now. The city has been under a water restriction since May, but now residents are not allowed to water their lawn due to a high demand in water usage.

“We haven’t seen a significant reduction in water demand, right now it’s an unsustainable level for us to keep producing the amount of water that we are producing,” says Read.

The city says they have had water restriction for the last three to four years, but they have never gotten to this point.

“For some odd reason this year, we haven’t seen that reduction,” says Read

The city says although this is not the decision they wanted to come to, they are willing to make some exceptions to the ban.

“If somebody has a newly planted lawn or seeded lawn, you can come in and apply for an exception. We will review that and then if you truly have a need, we will grant you an exception,” says Read.

Resident’s that don’t follow the ban can face consequences.

“We can consider charging them with a misdemeanor or we can terminate service,” says Read.

Once they shut off the water, a resident will be required to sign an agreement stating they will abide by the watering ban. The city says as of right now, the ban will remain in place until water demand decreases.

“We’ll continue to monitor water usage and at such time as we need to, we will bring it back to the council to lift the ban,” says Read.

The ban does not apply to watering gardens, trees or shrubs. The city says they are in the processing of building a new well to help in the future.

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