2017 South Dakota Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Ten South Dakotans were introduced today as the 2017 state Hall of Fame inductees.

They are professionals in industries like agriculture, education and medicine. The ten were selected from a group of nominees.

Board members say making the choice is never easy with so many qualified applicants. The inductees are being honored for their outstanding work in the community and beyond.

“The accomplishments of the people in South Dakota and especially those that go into the Hall of Fame are so worthy of being talked about and mentioned throughout the state and for the kids to really aspire,” said Michelle Lavallee, a South Dakota Hall Of Fame Board Member

Among one of the ten is founder and CEO of Poet Jeff Broin, the largest producer of Biofuels in the world.

“So many great people that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame just to be honored along not only just this year’s inductees but looking at all the people inducted over the last many years. it’s really a great honor,” said Broin.

This year’s Hall of Fame ceremony will take place September 8th and 9th.

More than 700 South Dakotans have been inducted since 1974.

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