Adventures With Ahtra: Shooting Trap

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The sportsmen and women at Crooks Gun Club make shooting trap look easy. Vice President Chris Erickson says he’s been shooting since he was a little kid.

Shooting trap takes more than just good aim; before you pick up a shotgun at Crooks Gun Club, there are some basics to get down first.

“You start off with safety, always, ear protection, eye protection is a must out here. When we are out here shooting, we have one shell in the gun at a time when you’re ready to shoot,” says Erickson.

Shooters also have to determine which of their eyes is dominant. Just like you write better with one hand, you also see better in one eye than the other.

When KDLT’s Ahtra Elnashar picked up a shotgun for the first time, she says she felt nervous because she’s never shot one before. Janelle Smith, who is now a board member for Crooks Gun Club, says many people are often hesitant around guns, because of lack of experience.

“When I was younger, I didn’t want to be around guns and I didn’t want my kids to be around guns, either. So I was like, if they’re in the house, to have them locked up. But I wasn’t comfortable with them because I didn’t know anything about them,” says Smith.

Watch the video above to see how Ahtra did the first time she picked up a shot gun!

“It’s kinda like golf, you know, one day you might have a bad round, I’m going back out again tomorrow, see if I can improve,” says Erickson.

Even on bad days, Chris and Janelle love the sport because it’s something they can do together.

“It’s been awesome. Some other sports I’ve been involved in were just myself but since we’ve gotten together, she has just really fallen in love with the sport, too and every time we go out it’s a new adventure and you hope to shoot a better score every time you go,” says Erickson.

“The first time I shot it, I fell in love with the smell of the smoke, which is very strange! So I knew I was hooked,” says Smith.

Smith is proof that shooting trap isn’t just a man’s sport. She says there’s something about being a woman that gives her an edge over Erickson.

“Competition, I think. They (women) want to outdo their husbands, boyfriends, that kinda thing. or just to say that they can do it, too,” says Smith.

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