SD Weights & Measures Have Skimmers On Radar

Locating Devices Also Falls On Retailer & Customer

If a business uses any type of weighing or measuring device, the State of South Dakota likely keeps an eye on it. When it comes to gas station pumps, Weights & Measures inspects more than just the fuel. They also look for devices that can steal your credit card information. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own inspection too.

“When you see our seal on there that means it’s been checked by the state of South Dakota,” said South Dakota Weights & Measures Director Lori Jacobson.

Inspectors with Weights & Measures check fuel pumps every two years. They make sure they’re in safe working order, and whether customers are getting the gallon of gas they’re paying for.  They’re also checking for skimmers.

Jacobson said, “People don’t pay attention, they can be easily placed and people don’t know that they’re there.”

Inspectors look to see if seal like this one (pictured left) are damaged or broken.

“When you see that tape, pay attention, has it been peeled back. Some of the security tapes out there don’t break away,” Jacobson said.

But Weights & Measures doesn’t actually provide the seal, the gas station does. And stations aren’t required to have them.

Jacobson said pointing to one of the seals, “On this device here, they are checking to make sure that they don’t have any skimming devices in place. We would ask, you know, how often are you checking and what are you checking for.”

The All Star Convenience Store in Mitchell says they check theirs once a week.

All Star Convenience Store Manager Denise Kauwalu Schultz said, “If those tapes are broken or torn we have to make a phone call and we have a log that actually checks that stuff.”

But even the inspectors don’t always know what to look for.

“Devices come in many styles, shapes and types,” Jacobson said.

A little over a month ago, a gas station in Pierre called them questioning whether they had found a skimmer. Weights & Measures found out it was a part of the actual pump from the manufacturer.

They say there’s only one sure way to know you won’t be a victim.

Jacobson said, “I personally still go in and pay.”

Weights & Measures has never uncovered a skimmer while doing an inspection in South Dakota. However, several have been reported to authorities across the state.

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