Someone You Should Know: Janet Eining’s Nine Businesses and Counting

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Janet Eining has been a business owner in the Sioux Empire for more than 20 years.  She even earned herself the title of “South Dakota’s 2016 Small Business Person of The Year.”

“Janet’s a great lady to work for and out of all the bosses I’ve had over the years, she’s one of the best by far,” said the Head Prep Cook at The Original Pancake House, Travis Betsworth.

Janet Eining now owns 9 different businesses across the Sioux Empire.  That includes businesses like “Kut and Kill,” “Beef O’ Brady’s,” “The Original Pancake House,” and the one that started it all, Cellular Only.  Janet said when she first got into selling cell phones she wanted to be different and being different seems to have worked out for her.

“I broke the mold, I’d wear shorts and a Cellular One t-shirt and tennis shoes and I’d walk halfway across a field to talk to a farmer and if he’d stop the tractor, he bought a phone,” said Janet.

Janet may have been the “2016 South Dakota’s Small Business Person of the Year,” but she said she wasn’t always so successful to start.  She became more focused years ago when she received advice from a general manager who told her to make three contacts per day to be successful which really changed the game for her, but she says that wasn’t the only thing she benefited from.

“As soon as I started making lists of five things that I wanted to do that day, that helped me,” said Janet.

So how does someone with nine businesses keep it all straight?  Of course, Janet can’t do it all by herself she said having a trustworthy partner is extremely important.  She said the key to finding a good partner is one who works hard.

“If you have somebody that has skin in the game, they’re going to stay with you, they’re going to loyal and they’re going to do everything that they can do to make sure that that business prospers,” said Janet.

Hard work isn’t the only thing that can help you be a success business person said Janet – she said you have to read book “Go Giver,” because it tells us how important giving is in life.

“Just giving to everybody, I don’t care if it’s a sales person, your neighbor, your family, you start giving, and your success is just going to start comin’ back to you.” said Janet.

Many of Janet’s employees have benefited from her generosity.  Travis Betsworth has been working for Janet for over eight years.  Now, he’s the Head Prep Cook at The Original Pancake House.
He said it’s because of Janet’s leadership and generosity that makes him want to never leave.

“I like to learn from her because she has so much going.  She has taught me so much over the last 10 years that I don’t want to quit going,” said Betsworth.

Betsworth isn’t the only one who appreciates Janet.  Steve Olson and his wife have been going to The Original Pancake House nearly since it opened.

“It feels like your going to just a local place when you come here because we know all the servers. The owner, Janet treats everybody really well,” said Olson.

Olson said Janet also holds herself on the same level as everyone else.

“You’ll see her standing, waiting in line to sit too. She doesn’t get special treatment. She doesn’t just get to come in and sit right down. She’s just like one of the other customers,” said Olson.

Janet said she isn’t done yet; she plans to open “Skunk Creek Storage” unit company later this year.



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