Game, Fish & Parks Offering Free Outdoor Cooking Classes

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Game, Fish and Parks is offering a variety of free classes to children and adults to learn how to cook outdoors.

Naturalist for Game, Fish and Parks Jen Nuncio says they’ve had a great turnout this summer for their classes. Nuncio says safety is the biggest lesson they emphasize in the courses. Students don’t have to bring anything with them as food and equipment are provided.

The next course is Saturday, July 29 at 10 a.m. at Randall Creek Recreation Center. For more information on this class, click here. Below are a couple recipes that South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks recommends for safe outdoor cooking:

Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag

(Serves 16)

  • 1 lb. bacon
  • 16 lunch size paper bags
  • 32 large whole eggs
  • 16 long-handled forks

Cut each slice of bacon in half.
Open lunch bag and line bottom with 2 half-slices of bacon.
Wash hands after handling raw bacon.
Close the bag by folding the top down 1 1/2″.
Make a second fold about the same size.
Pierce the bag (through the fold) in the center with the cooking fork or a stick. Hold the bag (by the cooking fork or stick) over a bed of hot coals. The bag should be about 1 inch above the coals.
Cook for 3-5 minutes until bag starts to get soaked with bacon grease.
Remove bag from heat, let cool for 1 minute.
Break open 2 eggs and drop them into the bag on top of the bacon.
Stir eggs, refold bag and pierce in center with cooking fork.
Hold the bag about 1″ above coals for about 15 minutes or until eggs are firm and bacon is cooked.
Eat bacon and eggs right from the bag.

Walking Tacos

(Serves six)

  • 1 lb. 90% lean ground beef (no fat to get rid of)
  • 6 bags 1-3/4 oz. Doritos or Fritos
  • 4 oz. shredded cheese or 1 bottle squeeze cheese
  • 1 pkg. taco seasoning

Cook hamburger until brown.
Add taco seasoning mix and follow directions on package.
When hamburger is cooked, cut the corner from the Doritos bag and slice the edge from top to bottom.
Smoosh up the chips and add about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of taco meat.
Add shredded cheese. Eat up!

For a full list of Game, Fish and Parks classes and events, click here.

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