Midco Aquatic Center Hosting Division I Championships In 2018

IUPUI's Departure From Summit League Brings Event To Sioux Falls

The Midco Aquatic Center announced Thursday that it will be hosting its first Division I event as early as next year. The men and women’s Summit League Swimming & Diving Championships will take place in Sioux Falls on Feb. 14-18.

Before the Midco Aquatic Center was even built, city officials dreamed of hosting a Division I event there.

“You spend a lot of time thinking about all the design decisions with an eye towards the long term and how you can really make this work for competitive meets,” said City of Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Director Don Kearney.

The city made sure that the center had a 10 lane 50 meter lap pool, two 1 meter and two 3 meter diving boards, and mezzanine seating that could fit 500 people. They included a separate entrance to the building for easy access to the pool and removable bulk heads for different pool configurations.

University of South Dakota Athletic Director David Herbster said, “There’s not one like this in the state, and really there’s not a facility like this in the state that could host a Division I Swimming & Diving Championships meet.”

The facility has been open for nine months and already it’s attracting national attention. The Summit League Swimming & Diving Championships had traditionally been held in Indianapolis, but IUPUI decided to leave the Summit League in late June. Herbster says Sioux Falls had what the NCAA was looking for to host the event.

“It really did come together in short order, but I think sometimes that’s when some of the best partnerships are made,” said Herbster.

In mid-February, more than 250 swimmers and 500 spectators from across the country will be filing in and out of the facility. With them will come a half-million dollars in estimated revenue.

“We will blow these competitors, these fans, these coaches, we will blow them away, and I think the odds are good that they’ll be back,” said Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether.

The USD Coyotes will be the host university for the event.

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