Miracle Treat Day: The Faces Behind the Miracles

For every Dairy Queen Blizzard sold, a dollar or more is donated to CMN hospitals, funding life-saving treatments for kids

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- For more than a decade, the Children’s Miracle Network and Dairy Queen have teamed up for “Miracle Treat Day.”

For every Dairy Queen Blizzard sold, a dollar or more is donated to CMN hospitals, funding life-saving treatments for kids.

The Children’s Miracle Network hospital in our area is the Sanford castle.

“This is Leola, and we found out when she was 9 days old that she has cystic fibrosis,” said Alan Gabor.

Looking at her now, you wouldn’t know 2-year-old Leola fought to be here today.

“She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face, she goes to bed with a smile on her face,” said Jennifer Bergan Gabor.

Her spunk and ability to be a normal 2-year-old troublemaker are what Leola’s parents thank the Children’s Miracle Network for.

“There was a time, not too long ago when she wouldn’t have been this old, she would not have lived this long. But the care that’s available now, through the castle and through all the different medications and stuff, has given her a life,” said Gabor.

The “castle” has also given 13-year-old Ona Mohlenhoff a chance to fight for her life.

Now facing her second bout of brain cancer, Ona is somewhat of a regular at Sanford Children’s Hospital.

“The staff and the doctors, they’re wonderful, obviously right now Ona has got multiple doctors, and of course they all know her by name,” said Jenna Mohlenhoff, Ona’s mother.

Participating in Miracle Treat Day is a way Jenna says they can help support the network that’s supported them so much.

“It’s another way for us to get involved with the fundraising and stuff for CMN that has been so important as far as Ona’s journey has gone and the support that our family needs, not only financially through direct family assistance and stuff, but also getting together with the other families as well.”

Enjoying the treats, even just for a day, helps families like Ona’s and Leola’s remember that miracles are possible one tasty Blizzard at a time.

To date, more than $125 million has been raised through donations from Dairy Queen fans and franchises.

Last year’s Miracle Treat Day raised over $4 million for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the United States and Canada.

South Dakota is home to one of the nation’s top-selling Miracle Treat Day stores, which is located in Madison.

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