Community Members Rappel Down Raven Building to Raise Funds for Local Organization

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Last night on KDLT News, our brave reporter Sydney Kern gave us a preview of a new fund raising event happening in downtown Sioux Falls Saturday,  that allows participants to rappel down the side of the Raven building in Sioux Falls.

Today, a handful of brave souls got the chance to do just that. The fundraiser, called ‘Over the Edge’ raises money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux empire. Individuals had to raise a minimum of a thousand dollars to be able to take the challenge. This is organization’s first time doing this event; they said they wanted to come up with a fun fundraiser to get the community more involved.

“We have just an amazing community of supporters in Sioux Falls and it just warms my heart to see how many people want to give and make a difference for the kids,” says Executive Director Jami Gates.

Around 30 people rappelled down today, many had different reasons for wanting to do so, but one common factor was being able to help Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“They do so much for kids and there is so many children out there, that can use a positive role model in their life and just wanted to be part of it,” says participant Nancy Beck.

With the success of this year’s fundraiser, the organization says they plan to bring the event back again next year, so if you missed your chance, there is still hope.

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