Athletes Shooting for a National Archery Title

YANKTON, S.D. – Athletes from 44 states and 5 foreign countries are in Yankton this weekend for the chance to be crowned an archery champion. This major outdoor tournament brings in a lot of competitors, their families, and their spending money.

It’s a sport that requires precision and focus. However, for Steve Anderson, archery sort of fell into his lap, after he got injured playing college basketball.

“I started competing as a professional archer in about 2012, started really having some success,” says Anderson.

Speaking of success, Steve was crowned the 2016 World Archery Field Champion. He says the game has turned into more than just a sport.

“It’s how I earn a living; it’s really crazy to think that. Crazy to say it because you never expect to get to that level,” says Anderson.

For the past three days, Steve, along with roughly 400 other archers have been taking their best shot at a chance to be crowned a national champion at the 72nd annual National Field Archery Association’s Outdoor National Field Championships.

The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center hosts the tournament every few years. They say this year, the number of competitors was more than they expected.

“We had to build a temporary range, just to accommodate all the archers so, that’s kind of neat. I mean that’s a growing pain that we have and we will be looking at some more permanent ranges in the future,” says NFAA President Bruce Cull.

However, the center isn’t complaining about the turnout because it brings the city and the state a lot of revenue.

“It’s a great economic development tool for us. It’s really neat too because it’s bringing in an extra group of people, that aren’t normally coming to the area,” says Cull.

The tournament wrapped up Sunday, to see a list of the entire winners visit:


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