Minnesota Sisters Donate Cuddle Cots To SF Hospitals

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – We first introduced to you to three Minnesota sisters trying to raise money for cuddle cots back in May. This week, they were able to make a major donation.

Nikki Mcclendon, Alyssa Their and Krissi Butenhoff donated nearly $3,000 to both Avera and Sanford hospitals, so each hospital can purchase a cuddle cot.
The equipment has a cooling pad that’s placed on blankets, cribs and beds. It’s designed to keep the bodies of stillborn babies cool, allowing family members to be with the child longer.

The three sisters have all gone through infant loss, prompting them to start this fundraiser. They say the hardest part was not being able to stay in the hospital room with their babies for a long period of time. To raise the money, the sisters sold more than 300 t-shirts with the work ‘love’ written on the front.

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