Group Protests Circumcision In Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Protestors along 41st Street caught the attention of many in Sioux Falls Tuesday afternoon. Half a dozen people wearing white suits with red blood stains on them, were holding up signs that read ‘vote no on circumcision’.

The group is called ‘Bloodstained Men and their friends’. They are currently on a northern heartland tour protesting American circumcision. The founder says the operation is an extremely disruptive surgery that destroys more than a dozen sensory and mechanical functions, and can cause serious complications.
The group is facing both positive and negative feedback.

“We’ve had some boo-birds; people who call us names or say ‘get a job’,” says the founder of Bloodstained Men, Brother K. “I say back to them ‘get a conscience’. We care enough to stand on this corner as all volunteers, they should at least take us seriously.”

The group started off in Minneapolis about a week ago. Sioux Falls is their 8th out of a 17 city stop. They are heading to Rapid City next.

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