Suspect In Sioux Falls Manhunt Arrested In Lake County

Resident Reported Suspicious Vehicle Thursday Morning In Chester

LAKE COUNTY, S.D. — A Tea man was arrested Thursday morning after authorities say he was connected to a manhunt in Sioux Falls Wednesday afternoon.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says Chaz VanOrman, 35, faces second degree burglary charges as well as possession of stolen property charges.

On Wednesday, several South Dakota law enforcement departments searched for VanOrman for three hours after a hit-and-run in Lyon County, Iowa led to a stolen truck chase that wound up in Sioux Falls.

Authorities ended up closing their search after no suspects were found.

“At approximately, 9-9:15 yesterday (Thursday) morning, we received a phone call from a resident over in the Chester area,” said Lake County Chief Deputy Sarina Talich.

That call was to report a suspicious vehicle in the driveway of a lake home near the 4500 block of Horizon Trail.

When the resident gave Lake County Sheriff’s Office the plate, it came up stolen from Sioux Falls.

“We received a report about 4:30 pm on August 2 of a stolen vehicle on Walnut Street between Van Epps and Sherman Avenue,” said Sgt. Aaron Benson from the Sioux Falls Police Department.

That was approximately an hour and a half after law enforcement ended their manhunt Wednesday afternoon.

Less than a day later, the missing 2015 Chevy Suburban was found.

When Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the reported location of the stolen vehicle, they found VanOrman inside an unoccupied home.

“Judging by the information we received from the Sioux Falls Police Department, we thought that there was probably a good chance we would be locating the suspects that they had down there due to the location that the vehicle was stolen from,” said Chief Deputy Talich.

VanOrman also has two warrants stemming from Lyon County in Iowa, felony alluding and felony possession of a stolen vehicle.

Sioux Falls Police say it hasn’t been determined if he will face charges in Minnehaha County.

Authorities said Wednesday they were hopeful that they were going to get a tip as time passed.

It proved to be true.

“If they see something out of the normal was encourage you to call. If it leads to nothing, that’s great. But in this case, it turned out to be very informational,” said Talich.

“We harp on this quite often that we can’t do this alone we need the help of the citizens,” said Benson.

VanOrman is being held on a $15,000 cash-only bond

A court date has not yet been set.

Sioux Falls Police said they are still investigating a second man to determine if he was involved in the chase.

No further arrests have been made following the incident.

Authorities say both of the stolen vehicles involved in the incident have been returned to their owners.

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