UPDATE: Authorities: Persons Of Interest In Manhunt Found In Lake Co.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (UPDATE) – Authorities say the persons of interest from Wednesday’s pursuit and manhunt have been found.

Lake County Sheriff Tim Walburg says one of the men, 35-year-old Chaz Thomas VanOrman of Tea, was arrested for 3rd degree burglary and possession of property, as well as warrants out of Lyon County, Iowa. Authorities say he’s still being held in Lake Co. on additional charges there.

Walburg says his office received a phone call around 9:15 Thursday regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in Chester. Authorities ran the vehicle information and determined that the 2015 Chevy Suburban was stolen in Sioux Falls around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Authorities searched a cabin in the area and found VanOrman, who led authorities on a short pursuit. Authorities say that VanOrman broke into the unoccupied cabin.

Authorities say that they have another person of interest in custody but have not charged him. The investigation is ongoing to determine if he is involved.


A manhunt for stolen vehicle suspects involved in a hit-and-run with an Iowa sheriff’s deputy Wednesday lasted approximately three hours.

Despite several South Dakota law enforcement agencies helping the search, no one was found.

Lt. Kyle Hoekstra with the Sioux Falls Police Department said time played a factor in missing the suspects.

“Once that search is completed and a person isn’t found, that’s the point where you would say that search has been exhausted and that scene is going to be closed down,” said Hoekstra.

The stolen truck involved in the hit-and-run is the biggest piece of the puzzle that investigators have so far.

Officer Sam Clemens said they will look for evidence to determine who was involved.

“The vehicle is going to get processed which essentially means it will get photographed, there will be fingerprints done. Hopefully, we’ll get something back on the fingerprints,” said Clemens.

Authorities say they have names of potential suspects.

However, they can’t confirm if one of two men was involved and they can’t pinpoint their identities without evidence analysis.

“I think everyone watches TV and some of those crime shows, everything is wrapped up in an hour. In real life, that just doesn’t happen. It does take time,” said Hoekstra.

It could take weeks, even months, should law enforcement get the necessary fingerprints.

In the meantime, the investigation continues.

“You’re going to do interviews, you’re going to base some things on the science portion, we’re going to get tips, I have no doubt we’ll get tips. I have no doubt those will come in as time goes on,” said Hoekstra.

SWAT teams, search dogs and even drones were used in the search.

While police did not net any arrests, the many resources used and heightened response was due to the belief of possible danger– there may have been a handgun in the stolen truck.

“Everything that was involved yesterday, it’s one of those situations where we are going to try to use every asset that we have,” said Hoekstra.

Authorities reiterated there is no current danger to the public following their search.

The only description of the potential suspects is one white male who is 5’9 and weighs about 160 pounds.

The second white male is 6’4 and weighs about 215 pounds.

Sioux Falls Police said Thursday the truck has been returned to its owner.


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