Annual Great Cardboard Boat Race Showcases Creativity

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  Imagine having to use a corrugated cardboard and duct tape to make a boat, well that’s what more than 25 participants did today at Kuehn pool.

The annual Great Cardboard Boat Race took place earlier today and many sailors had their boats decked out with plenty of duct tape. The race had 5 age divisions from 7 years and older. All boats were judged on creativity, sea-worthiness, and quickest to sink. Participants were not allowed to use wood, Styrofoam, fiberglass or plastic. However, for some participants, prior races helped them come prepared to win.

“Our grandpa ordered a bunch of cardboard, so we could make it. We bought a bunch of duct tape and we designed it well, did some reinforcements, we put a keel on it this year and it kind of broke off,” says second-year racers Yohan and Brayden Beecroft.

If you want to give your best cardboard boat making skills a chance, the race will take place again next year.

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