LGBTQ Community Reacts After Film Showcasing Same-Gender Crush Goes Viral

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-What started as a class project for two Florida students has become a social media sensation. A short animated film about a same-gender crush has gone viral. With nearly 20 million views on YouTube, the film is also getting attention from viewers in the Sioux empire.

“The video was very heart warming, I think it’s a feeling that everyone can relate to,” says Center for Equality President, Thomas Christiansen.

That’s the message that Center for Equality President Thomas Christiansen hopes that everyone will take away when they see ‘In a heartbeat.’

The short animated film was produced by two Florida students, who say they wanted to portray the experience of the LGBTQ community in a way that everyone can relate to. The film tells a story of a closeted boy, who has a crush on another boy but is too scared to speak up. Instead, his heart speaks for him by popping out of his chest and chasing down his crush. However, the chase comes with him having to deal with difficult emotions and stares from others. Christiansen says the message not only can resonate with others, but the video especially hits home for the LGBTQ community.

“We’ve had those crushes, we’ve had those feelings and weren’t able to necessarily express those feelings. So this video portrays that for all of us,” says Christiansen.

Christiansen says he’s happy the roles aren’t the typical characters others see. He hopes the film can break some negative connotations regarding LGBTQ content not being suitable for young adults.

“Young boys have same sex feelings and that’s okay. That’s just as heartfelt and innocent as it is for any other gender,” says Christiansen.

He also says he hopes the film can break barriers in the film industry.

“Videos like these short films can definitely have influence and can expand and maybe we will see larger roles,” says Christiansen.

Although the film has also received some backlash, in the end, love conquers.

“There wasn’t any shame there and they were able to both have; I guess those feelings for each other,” says Christiansen.

The students are planning to submit the film to different film festivals. They’re also hoping to expand on the story. You can watch the full film here:

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