Police: Two Arrested, One Wounded After Saturday Morning Fight

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls Police arrested two people Saturday morning after a man suffered knife wounds from a fight.

Police say early Saturday morning around 8 a.m. the victim was at a friends residence on the 500 block of North Cliff Avenue with some other people. The victim tried to break up a fight between his friend and another person. Police say that’s when the suspect pulled out a box cutter and cut the victim below the chin.

The victim and his friend called another friend to pick them up and take the victim to the hospital. Once at the hospital police realized that the vehicle that transported the victim to the hospital had been stolen around 12 a.m. at the fairgrounds.

Police arrested the driver of the vehicle, Cody Haluzak, a 23-year-old from Sioux Falls, on possession of stolen vehicle and grand theft charges.

When police arrested the suspect, who was still at the initial residence, they found a syringe that contained meth on him.

Police arrested Albert Gerry on aggravated assault and possession of controlled substance charges.





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