Last Fall Camp in Mankato For Vikings

Last Fall Camp in Mankato For Vikings

Cruz Kolbeck, Sioux Falls:”Rock ’em, sock ’em, fight fight fight…”

Whether you are a Vikings fan…..

Kyle Biggerstaff, Mitchell:”I kind of grew up every summer knowing that maybe you’d get the chance to go to Mankato for training camp and see our favorite team…”

…Or player you know what Mankato means.

Jarrius Wright, Minnesota Vikings:”I tell everybody that when it’s time to go to Mankato you know football season is ready to go…”

That changes next year when the Vikings move their training camp to their new multi million dollar facility in Eagan.

Anthony Barr, Minnesota Vikings:”I mean it’s been great but I’m not going to be too upset. I’ll enjoy being back in Eagan next year, that will be great. This place has been great to us. They’ve always shown love. The fans come out and support us and it’s not bad at all. I enjoy it when I come out here…”

That the Vikings are moving their camp to the new facility in Eagan is no shock, after all more that two thirds of the teams in the NFL train at their own facilities. What makes Mankato and the Vikings unique though is that they’ve been here since 1966. Only 2 teams in the league have been in one location longer. And that’s history that’s tough to let go.

Ryan Solberg, Mitchell:”The fans and the team are really one here in Mankato. We’re all part of a larger community. I don’t know if we’ll have that at Eagan…”

It’s going to make the trip more difficult for local fans who not only enjoyed the practices, but the amenities Mankato had to offer.

Ryan Solberg:”It’s a special town with places like Jake’s Pizza, you get to know some of the restaurants and the local hot spots where you can hang out and see some of the players…it’s a lot more intimate…”

Whether or not the new setup will be as fan friendly as Mankato has been for 52 years…

Ryan Kolbeck, Sioux Falls:”As we were walking out today we were talking about how next year would probably be much more commercialized and much more about making money for the organization, not so much about the fans…”

…may determine if a trip to camp remains a tradition.

In Mankato, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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