SD Symphony Member Reflects on Performing with Glen Campbell

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Glen Campbell was a legendary country music singer and movie star. He died yesterday and now many are paying tribute to him. That includes the South Dakota Symphony; members recorded a special album with Campbell 16 years ago.

It’s a moment that musician Chris Hill will never forget.

“This was one of my favorites because he was an idol of mine growing up,” says South Dakota Symphony member, Chris Hill.

Playing in a concert with someone he looked up to most–Glen Campbell.

“Quite an honor, he was an amazing musician, not only was he able to sing beautiful but he can play the guitar like nobody’s business. He was excellent at both,” says Hill.

Back in 2001, Campbell released his 58th album, ‘Glen Campbell in Concert with the South Dakota Symphony’, that he recorded with the orchestra at the Washington Pavilion. Hill played the clarinet, saxophone, and flute that day. They’re instruments he’s mastered over the years but to play alongside his idol– was one of the highlights of his musical career.

“Something I will be able to hold onto for the rest of my life. I got to perform with Glen Campbell, that’s really something that not many people can say they did,” says Hill.

Even though Campbell was a well-known figure, Hill will never forget how kind he was.

“Then when he was himself; not using his stage personality he was just as humble. So it was a humility, that you can’t fake and I appreciated that,” says Hill.

Although Campbell is gone, Hill says he’s grateful that he’s in a better place.

“Very sad that he was gone, but glad that he didn’t have to deal with Alzheimer’s anymore. I think it hit me almost harder when I found out he had Alzheimer’s,” says Hill.

Campbell has left a major impact on South Dakota musicians like Hill that will continue to play on.

You can watch the full concert here:

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