Recent Rain Provides Drought Relief

Statewide Drought Conditions Decreased Six Percent In The Last Week

MITCHELL, S.D. — South Dakota is feeling some relief thanks to some recent rain.

The drought across the state is starting to improve.

The most recent U.S. Drought Monitor reports that there was a six percent decrease in dry conditions.

91.8 percent of the state in under some form of drought condition, as opposed to 97.2 percent last week.

Farmer Brad Greenway from Mitchell said he had equipment packed up until next year before rain kicked in over the last month.

“We honestly just took down our third cutting of alfalfa. A month ago, literally, we put the haying equipment away and thought we were all done putting up hay,” said Greenway.

Watching conditions improve across the state was once an unimaginable thought for Greenway.

“Literally a month ago, I was starting to buy corn because we were so dry the corn was firing. Then the rain started coming,” said Greenway

He said two weeks ago, a two to three and half inch rainfall changed everything for his farm.

For example, his corn was well pollinated and all it needed was the second piece of the puzzle.

“Now we’ve gotten some moisture so the ears are filling so we feel very blessed honestly,” said Greenway.

In turn, the recovery of his crop is returning hope for his livestock.

“It’s changed the outlook as far as the cattle having feed, again, where I’m from, and the outlook for feed for the pigs having a corn crop is definitely better than it was a month ago,” said Greenway.

In light of the turnaround, Greenway said it’s a bittersweet feeling comes from the spottiness of the rainfall.

“You really don’t have to go very far, 10-15 miles, and they might get absolutely nothing or half as much,” said Greenway.

Greenway said he feels for the farmers who haven’t felt the same rebound as he has…

Yet, one thing remains the same.

“As farmers always say, there’s always next year so we’re hoping for that,” said Greenway.

All categories of the drought decreases in the state last week, according to the U.S. drought monitor.

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