Business Asks For Public’s Help To Find Burglary Suspect

Suspect drove off in van, which was also stolen from a different company, Fargo Glass

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls business owner is speaking out after equipment was stolen from his parking lot over the weekend. The burglary was all caught on camera, so now he’s releasing that footage to the public. He hopes someone will recognize the suspect and speak up.

The security camera footage of a weekend burglary is what one business hopes will help lead to answers. American Electric wants to find the thief who stole tools out of their company van.

Early Monday morning, owner Jay VanVoorst came to work and discovered one of his vans had a broken window and missing tools. So, he checked his security camera footage and saw everything unfold, but the story doesn’t stop there. In the video, VanVoorst noticed something about the van the thief drove off in. It had the company name “Fargo Glass” on the side, so he gave that company a call.

“They were completely shocked. They didn’t even realize their van was stolen. It was brought back, put in the same place,” says American Electric owner Jay VanVoorst.

VanVoorst reported the break-in and robbery to police and posted the video on Facebook.

“Just getting it out in the open and having people more aware of it,” said VanVoorst. “It will put a little more fear in these guys, to be pulling these kinds of stunts,”

However, this isn’t the first time this van has been broken into. About a week before, it was in a repair shop and the same thing happened. VanVoorst says it’s time that he speaks up.

“Us contractors are not going to sit quiet any longer. We are going to continue to do what we have to do, to bring these guys to conviction,” says VanVoorst.

As he continues to try to protect his business, he has one request for the person responsible.

“We ask that he comes forward and we will not press charges if he brings the tools back,” says VanVoorst.

In the meantime, he’s putting a new plan into action: having extra workers at his business.

“Have somebody here 24/7 protecting our stuff, which shouldn’t have to happen. We are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we are not in Chicago,” says VanVoorst.

American Electric is also offering a $500 reward for anyone who can help them find the suspect.

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