5 Simple And Healthy School Lunch Ideas To Try This Year

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- As parents prepare for crammed school nights and busy mornings, Chef Scott Teal from Hy-Vee is offering a few creative ways to make preparing lunches quick and easy.

Keeping lunches healthy and colorful is key. As a dad, Chef Teal knows green is a big no-no for kids! He suggests avoiding green vegetables and packing colorful bell peppers. When he stopped by the KDLT Kitchen, he got Ahtra to try a jicama, a Mexican bean yam that looks like raw potato! For extra nutrition and flavor, send your child to school with some hummus. If they don’t know what hummus is, Chef Teal suggests calling it “bean dip” so they’re not scared off by something they’ve never tried before.

For a spin on a classic sandwich, take two frozen pancakes (Chef Teal likes using blueberry) and spread whipped or soft cream cheese in the middle. Pack some hard-boiled eggs or grapes along with it to cover other food groups.

Watch the video above to see Chef Teal’s pasta salad, which can be made in bulk quantities to feed the whole family.

If your kid has a sweet tooth, try making some “banana sushi.” Chop up some bananas, roll them in either Nutella or almond butter and sprinkle them with coconut or chia seeds.

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