Judge Sets Bond For Man Who Allegedly Tried To Light Wife On Fire At $500,000

Sioux Falls Police: 'a mere push of the thumb would have been catastrophic'

The Sioux Falls man accused of assaulting and pouring gasoline on his wife and then attempting to set her on fire appeared in court for the first time Friday. The judge set 45-year-old Pai Yang’s bond at $500,000 cash.

“The thing with domestic violence cases, and especially when you have somebody who is in the side of the relationship where they’re very controlling, they’re very manipulative, and very unpredictable often times, you just never know what you’re going to walk into,” said Sioux Falls Police Capt. Loren McManus.

On Thursday afternoon just after 2:30 p.m., Police say they walked into the sounds of screaming inside a home on the 5800 block of West Missouri Street.

“We don’t know what the motivating factors are of why it escalated to the point that it did,” said McManus.

Police say officers tackled Yang as he was trying to force himself into a room where his wife and three daughters were hiding.

McManus said, “He had doused his wife, I believe, with gasoline and he was trying to light her on fire. She was able to get away from him, along with some of their children into this back bedroom.”

According to police, Yang was holding a propane torch and a homemade explosive device attached to a gas can.

McManus said, “There certainly was the potential that if he was indeed holding what would be the detonator switch, a mere push of the thumb would have been catastrophic I think.”

Police say the the bomb squad was called in, but deemed the device safe. No one was seriously injured.

<“… clearly he had some kind of idea of what he was planning to do or wanted to do,” said McManus.

Yang is facing eight different felony charges. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison.

The public defender’s office waived Yang’s bond argument until a later date. He was ordered by the judge not to have contact with his wife or children who are 15, 4-years-old, and 5-months-old.

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