Cleanup Begins in Melvin After Tornado Damage

MELVIN, IOWA–Trees tossed over, crops and farms destroyed and around 70 missing cattle are the after math a tornado left parts of the Midwest in. Officials say Friday night’s tornadoes touched down in Melvin, IA, Bigelow, MN, and at least two touchdowns in Rushmore, MN.

What started out as a chance of severe weather quickly turned into four tornadoes touching down.

In this video, you can see a tornado spiral through Rushmore, Minnesota and the storm continuing to move into northwest Iowa. The damage left behind in Melvin, IA–gut-wrenching. Farms destroyed, trees snapped in half, and objects tossed over. Homeowners left feeling hopeless.

“You know, they are distraught obviously, they just lost a lot of their livelihood and their property,” says Osceola County Emergency Management, Dan Bechler.

However, officials say the extent of this tornado is something they typically don’t see in the month of August.

“We are thinking about 120 to 125-mile hour winds came through here so, an EF-2 tornado,” says National Weather Service Sioux Falls Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Todd Heitkamp.

This isn’t the first time the town has been struck. Back in 2010, a tornado flattened a farm home but didn’t leave damage like this.

“It’s been a long time since we have had a tornado of this strength come through this area,” says Heitkamp.

Now the only left to do is to start picking up the pieces.

“There’s a lot of cleanup, there’s debris shattered out into the fields. So it’s going to be a while for cleanup,” says Bechler.

Despite the damage the storm left, one thing that isn’t gone is the spirit of the people.

“Community is great, it’s almost too much. You get so many people come by, there are so many people out helping,” says Bechler.

Officials say no one was injured from the damage. They ask the public to stay away and give the families in Melvin privacy.

National Weather Service Sioux Falls

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