Dakota State University Receives 60 Million and Opens New Building

It’s the first new building the university has had in 30 years and will serve to help students going into the field of cyber security

MADISON, S.D.- Dakota State University celebrated a new milestone today, by opening the ‘Beacom Institute of Technology’. It’s the first new building the university has had in 30 years. It will serve to help students going into the field of cyber security. Along with that celebration, the university also received a donation of 60 million dollars.

The university received 30 million dollars from Miles and Lisa Beacom and Denny Sanford.  A former graduate of the university, Miles Beacom says he wanted to give back to the university and open doors for current and future students, as jobs and opportunities open up in the field of cyber security.

“It was time to give something back to the school, that gave me the tools to be successful and that’s why we are investing in the future of Dakota State University,” says PREMIER Bankcard President and CEO, Miles Beacom.

As the university continues to build a reputation for itself; as a leader in cyber security. Senator Mike Rounds says he’s also going to help the university acquire federal funding.

“Right now we are already recognized as one of the best in the nation. There’s an opportunity here to expand and bring in new dollars from the federal government,” says Senator Rounds.

The university hopes the new state of the art facility will bring and keep jobs in the state.

“We are hoping that our facility will not only be good for our students and our faculty but hopefully it will bring back some of our alumni, who moved out of South Dakota,” says Dakota State University President, Dr. José-Marie Griffiths.

The state also added an additional 10 million-dollar gift, and an additional 20 million is expected to come from federal funds, bringing the total donation to 60 million. The university says the money will go towards student scholarships, launching new academic programs, along with starting construction on a facility called ‘Madison Cyber Labs’(MadLabs), work for that building is expected to start in 2018.

As part of the donation, the board of regents has approved the renaming of the Dakota State University College of Computing to the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences. Classes begin in the new building Monday.

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