Flandreau Meat Locker Rebuilding in New Location

FLANDREAU, S.D.- A business in Flandreau is making its come back after a fire destroyed the building back in June. The Flandreau meat market will come back stronger and even bigger than before, as it moves to a new location. The work started today near Veterans Avenue and Broad Street in Flandreau.

It’s been months since the Flandreau Meat Locker went up in flames, but seeing his business and building on fire is a memory that owner, Tyler Kills-A-Hundred says won’t ever leave his mind.

“Even now that we are starting to tear this down to get built here, it’s still further fresh,” says Kills-A-Hundred.

Kills-A-Hundred is not one for the spotlight and did not want to be on camera. Despite the damage the fire left, he says he’s been determined to get his business up and running again. He’ll do just, but in a new location in town.

“I’m glad that we are at least getting started, it’s been a lot of stressful nights for my wife and I,” says Kills-A-Hundred.

It was also a stressful time for the community to see the long-time business burn to the ground. Business owner Scott Ramsdell says he really felt for Kills-A-Hundred and his family.

“Everybody thinks that insurance covers your losses and it doesn’t. So I was very concerned for him,” says President of Dakota Layers, Scott Ramsdell.

Support from the community quickly started to pour in after the fire. Kills-A-Hundred says that support is what inspired him to rebuild and stay in the town.

“All I can say is thank you; I wish everybody could feel how I feel when I say thank you, it doesn’t seem like enough, but thanks and hopefully soon, we will be back in business,” says Kills-A-Hundred.

He also says with the new location they’ll have a larger space and they’ll add new elements that will make the meat locker more inviting for everyone. Ramsdell says he’s glad Kills-A-Hundred and his family is staying in Flandreau, because the business will not only grow again, but it will also continue to have an economic impact on the community.

“And again in a small town; it doesn’t take a lot to really make it a wonderful addition to the town. It certainly is going to be that way with Tyler and his family,” says Ramsdell.

Kills-A-Hundred says he’s taking things one day at a time and does not have a timeline for when the meat locker will reopen.  The community held a benefit for the business this weekend all the money will go to the business. Donations can also be made at  https://www.gofundme.com/tyler-sarah-kills-a-hundred


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