City Removes Final lead Water Service Line

The new pipes were replaced by a copper line.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The city of Sioux Falls first installed a lead water service line in 1923, and earlier today, they removed their final lead water service line. The new pipes were replaced by copper pipes.

A little cutting, a little digging, and some installation are what finally got the job done. Since last year, the city of Sioux Falls has been working to replace all the lead water service lines and today they met that goal. 230 lead service lines are now replaced with copper.

“Since we have been part of the lead and copper rule, we have never exceeded or had a test that failed to meet the standards,” says Utility Operations Administrator, Trent Lubbers.

The city says the lead service lines were replaced from the water main to the curb stop. However, if lead pipes were in place from the curb stop to a home, it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility. Out of the 230, only 4 were lead between the curb stop and a home. Along with changing the pipes, the city says they constantly work to keep up with the standards of the federal government.

“Over the course of a year; we test the water a 170 thousand times, for over 200 different contaminants. We test for things we are required to and we test for things we are not required to,” says Lubbers.

The city says it’s their goal to have clean drinking water for residents of Sioux Falls and strive to avoid situations like Flint, Michigan.

“We like to be proactive and we like to make sure that we are preventing a potential issue before it becomes an issue,” says Principal Water Engineer, Nick Borns.

Although they may be done with this project, they say they are always looking ahead.

“We are very dedicated to making sure that we are looking forward to future regulations that may be coming,” says Lubbers.

The city provides an average of 20.8 million gallons of water per day to businesses, homes, schools, and hospitals in Sioux Falls.

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