City Of Sioux Falls Completes Four New Playgrounds

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Four new parks around Sioux Falls are now completed and ready for kids to play on.

Earlier today Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation unveiled the last of the four parks they worked on this year. The parks that were completed were Bakker, Kuehn, Tuthill, and Meldrum park. The city says all of the new playgrounds have the newest industry play features and meet all current industry safety standards.

Park members say they hope the community enjoys the new feel each of the parks bring.

“I think it really energizes these parks when we come in and put the new playgrounds. They are probably the most popular parks for those ages between 5 and 12. So I think you can see a lot of increase use especially the few years after the new playgrounds come in,” said Tory Miedema, a Park Development Specialist

The next parks due for replacement include Whittier, Kenny Anderson, Menlo, And Morningside Parks

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