What’s Next After Voters In Lennox Sink Bond For New Pool

Voters in Lennox sank a bond proposal that would have paid for a new city pool. Around 70 percent of them voted against building a new $2.8 million facility. So what’s next? City officials don’t exactly know.

“The cost to repair would have been upwards of 50,000 and to put that type of money into a swimming pool that’s past it’s useful life is not a financially good decision for the city,” said Lennox City Administrator Amanda Anglin.

With crumbling concrete, the 60-year-old pool in Lennox will continue to sit vacant as weeds continue to creep through.

“We’re uncertain at this point to what the future holds,” said Anglin.

Uncertain, after voters decided against building a new one. A vote for the pool would have increased property taxes $225 a year for a home valued at $100,000.

Anglin said, “I feel it was the cost. The community agrees that we need a swimming pool, but that cost per $100,000 could be significant for families in our community.”

While city officials are disappointed in the results, they’re even more disappointed in voter turnout. Out of 1,426 registered voters, only 478 made theirs count.

Lennox City Finance Officer Jerry Jones said, “This affected every property owner in the city of Lennox and when you only have 33 percent of them come out, we don’t understand why that was so low.”

Officials say the bond amount was the minimum needed to build a pool that would last them into the future. Not even some of the amenities in the pool renderings were included in the cost. A campaign to raise funds would be another option,
however, they say it’s unlikely they could come up with the total amount.

Jones said, “I would very satisfied if the public could come up with between a half million and a million over five years.”

While many may view it as just a pool, city officials say it’s vital to attracting and keeping people here.

It will be up to the City Council to decide how to move forward. City Officials say a pool was already in their 5-year-plan. Wednesday’s vote will likely make it longer before another is built.

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