50 Years Later, USF Alumni Reunite At Move-In Day

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sunday is college move-in day at both Augustana University and University of Sioux Falls. One group of friends remembers this exciting day like it was yesterday, but in reality, it was 50 years ago.

“I was roommates with both of these two at some point or another,” says Nancy Mussetter pointing to two of her friends.

Even though some now call Iowa, Colorado and New York home, a group of 11 men and women, plus some of their spouses, are visiting the place where they met back in 1967.

“This picture was taken when we moved in to Grand Island, third floor,” says Charlotte Edwards, who now lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Standing among the newest USF members, Mussetter says “we tried to encourage parents this morning that it was a great place, we survived!”

The group of friends have noticed a few changes on campus since they were the ones carrying the backpacks.

“The signs right outside the doors when you go into the [dormitory] halls that say ‘inner visitation hours’, where guys and gals can be on the same floor, that didn’t exist,” laughs Mussetter.

“There’s no hall phones anymore, everyone has their own cell phones,” adds Edwards.

But changes between the group also happened outside of the classrooms. Some got married, had kids. One lost their battle with cancer. But the busyness of life never stopped the alumni from keeping in touch with each other.

“We first sent out newsletters,” explains JaNan Cavanaugh. “We then went to a round robin letter, and sometimes it would take a year to get around. Then we moved on to email, and that’s where we are now.”

That’s something they hope the incoming freshman will do, too.

“Don’t sweat the little stuff,” says Mussetter. “Enjoy every day and the relationships you build here and everywhere.”

Because you never know, one of those relationships could turn into a husband.

“I don’t know, Nancy, if you even know this,” says Edwards before explaining her favorite memory. “He called our floor at GI and he was either going to ask you out, or me. So whoever called down the hall they said ‘Nancy or Charlotte a call is for you!’ Nancy wasn’t there, I answered the phone and guess who married Charlie Edwards? I did!”

This is the fourth time the group has reunited at University of Sioux Falls. But when they were attending, the school was still called Sioux Falls College. The university is expecting the 2017 freshman class to be one of the biggest, with around 280 students.

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