Harrisburg Company ‘Repairable Vehicles’ Car Wins Nascar Xfinity Race

HARRISBURG, S.D. – A Sioux Empire-based company received some national exposure this weekend.

33-year-old Jeremy Clements won the Johnsonville 180 race that aired right here on KDLT yesterday. Clements crossed the finish line in a Chevrolet Camaro sponsored by Repairablevehicles.com.

Owner Brad Meyer says just 12 days before the race, the car was completely totaled. Meyer says the fact that Clements’ team of four could repair it and have it cross the finish line is a dream come true.

“Had hoped for it, but never expected it. there are so many big fortune 500 companies sponsoring other teams that have so much more money and resources than we do we beat a team that has probably 500 employees and probably a $150M budget,” said Meyer.

In 8 years of sponsorship, this is the first time RepairableVehicles.com has made it to victory lane.

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