Golfer Kassidy Teare Makes Stop In Sioux Falls For GreatLIFE Challenge

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- As the Symetra Tour prepares some of the best young female golfers for the LPGA, Kassidy Teare is making a name for herself as she stops in Sioux Falls for the GreatLIFE Challenge.

At the young age of 23, Teare has already earned the 2016 title of Big West Player of the Year and holds the record of -16 for 54 holes of competition, among other accolades. Teare has been playing golf since she was eight and hopes to make the LPGA from the Symetra Tour. The GreatLIFE Challenge will begin on Thursday, August 31 and run through September 3 at Willow Run Golf Course.

“Symetra’s been doing a great job prepping us for the next level. It’s a great in-between for players who are going from college who aren’t quite ready,” Teare says.

Teare played golf in college at Long Beach State in California. Since then, she says she’s gotten used to travelling the country to play her sport.

Her ultimate goal is to play in the LPGA as long as she can before she can retire and adopt a bunch of dogs!

For the third year in a row, the Symetra Tour will being 144 golfers to Willow Run Golf Course to compete for a shot at $210,000, with the winner taking home $31,500.

Some of the women in the Symetra Tour are using their opportunity in the spotlight to help victims of Harvey in Texas. Houston native Shannon Fish is donating money based on her scores to Team Rubicon, a group of military veterans helping with emergency response. Teare says GreatLIFE has agreed to match the donations. If you’d like to help people affected by Harvey, click here.



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