At Least One Confirmed Calf Shot In Moody County

Five calves believed to be shot in Grant County in the last two weeks

FLANDREAU, S.D. – The Moody County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging farmers and ranchers to pay close attention to their cattle, after a series of calves appear to have been attacked.

Sheriff Troy Wellman says they received a call Tuesday that a calf on a farm in the eastern side of the county had been shot in the back left hip, with what appears to be a small caliber gun. There was no exit wound. The animal is still alive, and being treated.

The Sheriff’s Office posted the incident on their Facebook page Wednesday morning. Since then, they’ve received another similar call from a farmer in the central part of the county, claiming they’ve had two calves killed about a month ago.

“They didn’t think a whole lot about it [at the time], also did not have them vet checked or posted,” says Sheriff Wellman. ”But they fear, or feel, that they were shot because they were healthy and they had been checked on days prior.”

Ranchers in South Shore, north of Moody County, also believe 5 of their calves have been shot in the last two weeks. A veterinary confirmed the last one did died from bullet and bruising wounds.

The Moody County Sheriff does not know if any of the incidents are related, at this time.

As far as finding the person responsible, Wellman says, “It’s going to be difficult. Not saying it’s going to be impossible, but we certainly have our work ahead of us without doing any more harm to the animal. We’re not going to try to dislodge the bullet that is still inside. So we’re not going to have any markings or fire pin marks, anything like that as far as the barrel to go on.”

If anyone knows any information the Sheriff’s Office is asking to call them at 997-2423.

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