Second Pedestrians Hit at 9th and Cliff Avenue This Summer

Back in June, two people were injured at that same intersection

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Sioux Falls police are investigating a car crash that left one man dead and another man in the hospital last night. It happened in the area of East 9th Street and South Cliff Avenue. Police say this is the second time pedestrians have been hit in that intersection this summer.

Around 10 last night officers were doing a check well-being on 5 individuals near East 9th Street and South Cliff Avenue. One officer saw a man drinking and issued him a citation and let the other four go. Two went to cross 9th and Cliff. The officer noticed the situation was quickly turning dangerous.

“And tried to yell and scream to both the pedestrians and the pickup, but it was too late,” says Captin Loren McManus, Sioux Falls Police Department.

The pickup slammed into the men. A 54-year-old man died and a 50-year-old man is also being hospitalized with life threatening injuries.  Police say the driver stopped immediately and tried to help.

“The driver did have an amount of alcohol on board, but not to the point of being impaired,” says McManus.

Police say 9th and Cliff is starting to become a problem.

“It’s not a marked walkway or a pedestrian way but it’s clearly designed to be that,” says McManus.

Back in June, two people were injured at that same intersection. A 44-year-old woman suffered life threatening injuries and a 31-year-old man had both of his legs broken. The city of Sioux Falls says there is a curb ramp at the location so that theoretically people can try crossing, but that’s not what that intersection is designed for.

“Cross at 8th and Cliff or at 10th and Cliff because you have the signaled cross walk and the pedestrian crossing signals,” says City of Sioux Falls Principal Traffic Engineer, Heath Hoftiezer.

As for the accident, no charges have been filed yet. The name of the man that has died has not been released pending family notification.

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