SF Group Holds Vigil For Fargo Murder Victim

A Sioux Falls group gathered tonight to remember a 22-year-old Fargo woman who police say was violently killed. Authorities found Savanna Greywind’s body, wrapped in plastic, Sunday night in the Red River. A newborn, believed to be Greywind’s, was found with two people who have been charged with conspiracy of murder. These disturbing details are driving community members to stand up for all Native American victims of violence.

Wearing red to acknowledge tragedy, specifically “murdered and missing indigenous women,” says Char Green-Maximo.

Honoring their memories by singing and lighting sage. A group of more than 50 people remembers those who lost their lives to violence.

“It’s a huge issue because there’s not much addressed about the conflict that Native American women and the struggles that they face,” says John Cuellar of Sioux Falls.

What happened to the latest victim, Savanna Greywind, strikes a chord with many.

“It opened our eyes up to this, I don’t understand why this happened,” says Michael Standing Soldier.

“It’s overwhelming, I can’t even imagine what the family is going through,” adds Green-Maximo, who organized Wednesday night’s event.

Greywind was eight months pregnant when she disappeared earlier this month. A newborn, believed to be Greywind’s, was found in her apartment building with suspects 38-year-old Brooke Crews and 32-year-old William Hoehn. Authorities say the couple schemed to take Greywind’s baby.

“That is sick and twisted,” says Cuellar.

“I was appalled by this,” adds Standing Soldier. “They took something in our Lakota culture, which is a sacred gift, the sacred gift was just violated and taken away from her.”

In light of this investigation, community members are sticking together, showing that their support and love expands beyond state borders.

“Being indigenous, Native American, we have that support, it’s who we are,” says Cuellar. “We come together as a community to help one another.”

“We feel their pain, I wouldn’t just as much, but we still feel that; and it’s our duty as people to be there,” says Green-Maximo.

DNA testing is being conducted to confirm that the newborn is Greywind’s baby. Forensic experts are working to determine the manner of birth. In the meantime, the baby is in protective custody.

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