Local Business Owner Seeks To Help Hurricane Victims With Underwear Donations

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A Sioux Falls business owner is looking to help victims of hurricane Harvey from the bottom up.

Melissa Johnson, the owner of Oh My Cupcakes! and Oh My Word, is looking for underwear donations. She says it is one of the least donated yet most needed items following a natural disaster.

You can drop off a package of new underwater in all sizes, kids and adults, at either store. Johnson says the images of the aftermath of hurricane Harvey inspired her to find a different way to help.

“One of the most basic, human needs is that dignity and that cleanliness and that opportunity for a fresh pair of pants, right? That’s why we wanted to help,” said Johnson.

Johnson says they are planning on sending their donations to the non-profit “Undies for Everyone” by the end of next week.

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