Hartford Woman Hopes Invention Can Help Harvey Flood Victims

"Shower Towel" is a shower-in-a-towel
HARTFORD, S.D.- In the wake of the natural disaster in the Gulf Coast, people across the U.S. have sent clothes, supplies, food and financial donations to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

One Hartford woman also wants to contribute, with an item that is unlike any other.

However, she needs some help to do so.

Within the last year, Becky Henning has been working to brand and manufacture a product she helped invent called the Shower Towel.

“One towel cleans the whole body, it absorbs sweat and odor and it leaves your skin completely dry when you’re finished,” she said.

The 24 by 50 inch pre-moistened towel can be used in the place of a shower when facilities or water isn’t available.

The product was designed for troops overseas, but when Henning saw the people affected by flooding in Houston, she knew the Shower Towel could make a world of difference for those victims.

“Hygiene right now is a luxury to them, and being able to get this towel over there is imperative so they can at least feel what a human should feel, and that’s just the basic element of hygiene.”

While she has the ability to mass produce the product, she’s hit a snag in her hopes to get the towels to the people who need them.

“Just the funding end. I’m just one person with this product and I would love to be able to donate all of the towels but I am unable to do so,” she said.

Henning says she has tried to reach out to FEMA and other disaster relief agencies to coordinate a purchase and distribution plan. However the agencies are overwhelmed with calls at the moment.

She’s now hoping to find someone locally who can step in to help.

“I don’t have the ability to donate these towels. But I have the towels. I have the towels. I can do something and even though I don’t have all the answers, I know that they’ll all be filled in,” she said.

A Facebook page has been set up for people to reach out to Henning. Find the link here: https://www.facebook.com/Shower-Towel-273158056512589/

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