PetSmart Collecting Donations for Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Donations have been coming in from many across the U.S. since Hurricane Harvey hit. The damage has left many without a home and resulted in pets being left behind or being lost. PetSmart is hoping to help the pets in Texas until they are reunited with their pet owners.

Both of the Sioux Falls PetSmart are accepting donations to help the animals that have been displaced. Donations will go towards helping the animals get food, and cages, while they wait for their owners. Donations can be made in store through the company’s organization called ‘PetSmart Charities’.

“We believe that pets make us better people. So we look for every opportunity to help our pet parents and our pets have better lives. So what we have already done is PetSmart overall, we have donated a million dollars already to the relief efforts on the ground in Houston,” says Louise Avenue PetSmart Store Leader, Scott Brennan.

The two Sioux Falls stores are hoping to raise around 10 thousand dollars.

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