State Parks Fill Up Over Labor Day Weekend

CANTON, S.D.- Many people choose to travel over Labor Day weekend, but a new survey done by AAA South Dakota shows that 60 percent of those travelers are choosing to stay in state and visit local state parks.

There’s a never dull moment when the Hamburger family gets together, from dog licks to fun family games.

“When’s the campout, when’s the big camp out,” says Heather Hamburger as she recalls her kid’s excitement. “I mean this is kind of our highlight of the summer,”

Four generations and eight years later, the family has been gathering at different campsites every Labor Day weekend.

“Such a treat to be able to come together, spend time together, and be family,” says Hamburger.

No matter where they are, it’s always a good time when they are together.

“Lots of good times, lots of laughter, lots of goofiness that goes on,” says Hamburger.

And for other’s although camping was never a tradition in their family, they hope their children continue the legacy.

“It’s my wife’s side; they camp all the time so it got passed down from there,” says Matt Wildermuth. “Which I think is a wonderful tradition; I hope my kids keep it up in the next generation,”

Since Tuesday, families like the Hamburgers have been setting up their tents and RV’s for Labor Day weekend. Park officials at Newton Hills State Park say reservations have been full for 3 months now.

“With Labor Day holiday here, the parks are very busy. We do see a lot of family picnics and a lot of people visiting,” says Newton Hills State Park District Supervisor, Jason Baumann.

Although every family’s reason for being at the park is different, everyone gains a little something in the end.

“Because I get to be with my family, who I love,” says Ella Wildermuth.

“The hotel, the gas, and the food they all add up really fast. Where this weekend; it’s just my regular grocery budget and a few extra bucks for a campsite,” says Jessica Peterson.

Park officials say the summer weekends bring a big economic boost to the campground and surrounding cities.

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