Sioux Falls Native Shares Experiencing Hurricane Harvey

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls woman says she’s grateful to have her younger brother alive, after seeing the impact Hurricane Harvey left. Her brother, a Sioux Falls native says this is the worst storm Texas has ever seen and the damage left behind is going to take years to repair.

“The most shocking and horrific thing, I have ever seen,” says Matthew Hemeyer.

It’s been a week since Hurricane Harvey hit parts of Houston and the damage left behind has left many speechless.

“There have been houses that we have gone by; that all you can see is the very top of the roofs sticking out of the water. I mean the damage has been unreal down here,” says Hemeyer.

Sioux Falls native, Matthew Hemeyer is recalling some of the scenes he’s witnessed. He and his family have lived in Clute, Texas for seven years now and says this is the worst destruction Texas has seen. He says he remembers watching the news and seeing everything unfold.

“We were here at home, but we were watching and tracking the storm the whole way,” says Hemeyer.

However, he never thought the water would reach his town. Although, they did get damage him and his family were able to still stay in their home.

“It took some water damage to a couple of rooms in my house. Which I have already stripped of all the dry wall that was damaged,” says Hemeyer.

Alicia Moser says she’s grateful to hear the sound of her brother’s voice on the phone. Since the storm first started, she says she’s been able to talk to him.

“I was actually lucky, I did not lose any communication with him,” says Hemeyer’s sister, Alicia Moser.

She says it’s been hard to see her little brother go through something like this, but she’s even more proud of what he’s doing.

“I’ve been going along doing boat water rescues,” says Hemeyer.

“It leaves me really proud of him, that he would put other people first,” says Moser.

Alicia says with everything that has happened, she’s glad to have her brother, so that one day her children can meet him.

“They understand that he is down there, he’s being very heroic, and he’s helping out all the other people that need help, so they are already proud of him,” says Moser.

As far as the future of Mathew and his family living in Texas, he says he isn’t going anywhere.

“It’s still hard to fathom how much people have lost in all of this, but one thing I can say for sure is I am proud to be a Texan in all of this,” says Hemeyer.

Hemeyer says his town grocery store is finally starting to get in some shipments. Prior to that, residents had to drive 10 to 20 miles in hopes to find any food left. He says he plans to keep busy in the next months by helping others repair damage to their home.

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