Sioux Falls Business Donating Portion Of Sales To Family Of Homicide Victim

A Sioux Falls restaurant is reaching out after a teenager was gunned down last week. The Barrel House is donating to the family of Riley Stonehouse. A portion of its sales will help pay for funeral expenses.

The Barrel House Manager Alicia Severson said, “Every Monday, we take 10 percent of our gross sales and we donate to local charities and organizations, and if anybody has any fundraisers that they’re doing…”

The fundraiser this week though hits close to home. Stonehouse was a family member of an employee.

Severson said, “It breaks my heart, it does. I just think, you know, our youth today, we need to make better choices and think before we react, because there’s way too many people losing lives for no reason, and parents, and family, and friends (are) hurting over it.”

Last week, authorities say the 17-year-old was fatally shot by another teen at Bakker Park in southwest Sioux Falls.

“The first two tables in the door were here to support him and his family today, so we’re thinking today is going to be a pretty busy day,” Severson said.

Just mentioning the fundraiser on their Facebook Page got more than 200 shares and 30,000 views.

“Doing something for them is a big part of acknowledging that something tragic happened and doing their best to support it,” said Stonehouse’s friend Nataly Maxwell.

At those first tables were Nataly and Kelly Maxwell, along with their four other sisters.

“Our whole family babysat him from 2 until 12 and from that point on we’ve just been involved in his life, going to his football games, track meets, things like that,” said Kelly.

Not only did they get to help out their friend’s family, they got another chance to reminisce.

Nataly said, “He was like my little brother and I would tell him that even though he was like 6 foot (tall).”

“He was long and lanky and super bashful,” said Kelly.

Exactly one week later, the fact that their childhood friend is gone still hasn’t set in.

Kelly said, “It doesn’t feel real. It breaks my heart every time I think about it.”

The fundraiser lasts all day Monday. The Barrel House, located near 57th Street and Sycamore Avenue, is open until 2 a.m.

Eighteen-year-old Dylan Holler is charged with first degree murder, robbery, and aggravated assault in Stonehouse’s death. This is the seventh homicide in Sioux Falls so far this year.

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