Future of USD Law School To Be Decided At Next Meeting

SIOUX FALLS, S.D- All summer, a relocation task force has been looking into a potential move for University of South Dakota’s Law School from Vermillion to Sioux Falls. That discussion continued today in Sioux Falls with the task force looking west for advice.

Sioux Falls or Vermillion? , the question remains unanswered as to where the state’s only law school will be standing. Wednesday’s meeting saw relocation task force members looking to another law school for advice. As the former dean of the University of Idaho presented his law school’s experience as they explored relocation.

Much like USD, they also looked at moving to the state’s largest city — Boise. That path ultimately led to the school remodeling the main campus and opening a second location in Boise. Task force chair Mark Mickelson says although that decision worked for the university, that’s not what they are looking at for USD.

“I think the task force would consider whether or not maybe putting the third year of school in Sioux Falls, would make sense, but we are certainly not going to walk down a path of recommending we have two complete law schools in two locations,” says Task Force Chair, Mark Mickelson.

That sentiment was also echoed by former faculty members.

“I don’t think just because other schools have done it, doesn’t necessarily mean that we should do it,” says Former USD Professor, Ray Ring.

However, when it comes to moving the law school to Sioux Falls.

“I think there would be serious adverse effects for education, all across the university,” says Ring.

And should USD keep the law school in Vermillion, task force members say major changes will be needed.

“We need a big reinvestment in that building or we need a new building in Vermillion if we keep it there. So it’s the right time for us to be having this conversation,” says Mickelson.

The task force is expected to have a written report and recommendation on the move at their next meeting in Vermillion on October 6.

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