Semi Carrying Hogs Tips Over In Crash On I-90

HUMBOLDT, S.D. – A rollover involving a semi truck near Humboldt left more than 100 hogs looking for a way out.

Just before noon, South Dakota Highway Patrol responded to the rollover at the on-ramp of I-90 and the Humboldt exit.

Troopers say the driver likely took the turn too fast, tipping over. The driver is okay, but 150 plus hogs needed help getting out of the trailer. Crews had to saw holes in the roof of the trailer, that was laying on it’s side, so the pigs could escape.

Some pigs are injured, but at this time, it is not clear how many.

“There’s a lot of animals here, when a vehicle rolls over, there is going to be a lot of injured animals here on scene. Trying to get them out safely and trying to corral them all to one spot is going to be the biggest part about it,” said Angel Duran-Garcia with the South Dakota Highway Patrol

Minnehaha County Emergency Management says they see accidents like this about once every three years.