Someone You Should Know: The Veterinarian Who Never Sleeps, Or Stops Treating Patients

SIOUX FALLS – For many of us, 40 hours a week is long enough. But not for one local Veterinarian who works 80 to 100 hours a week. When he’s not at the clinic or taking care of his cattle, he’s traveling, sometimes treating animals overseas.

“I get bored sleeping. I like being up. I like doing things,” said McIntyre.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Dr. Mike McIntyre, you can tell that he doesn’t sleep much.

McIntyre said, “Going into it, I knew I would be working a lot of hours. I’ve got 5-600 cows on the side. I run a ranch on the side, and I work here at the clinic, and stuff like that, but yeah, I just thoroughly enjoy life.”

McIntyre works nearly a hundred hours a week, but says he hasn’t worked a day in his life. He enjoys being a veterinarian that much.

McIntyre said, “Doesn’t matter if it’s 12 o’clock at night, they’ll (clients will) be texting me a question about their dog, you know, and I’ll respond.”

McIntyre has been practicing for 18 years; at Sioux Nation Pet Clinic in Sioux Falls for five of them. When he started his career, he says he got tired of treating just the symptoms.

“I kept asking myself, ‘Why is this case not getting better?’ ‘Why is it not doing this?'”

McIntyre started looking deeper, and is now known for treating endocrinology or thyroid issues in animals.

“Everybody focuses on x-rays, anti-inflammatories, things like that. Nobody checks the thyroid,” said McIntre. “I have so many clients, that when I put them on a thyroid med, they’ll ask me at first, ‘What’s the side effect of this doc?’, and I’ll them them, ‘Your dog, in a month or two, is going to act like it’s four or five years younger’.”

By doing so, he has expanded the life span of many of his clients’ animals.

McIntyre said, “I’m just so happy to see these clients, who thought the years on their pet were getting diminished and the quality of life they were going to have was diminished. You just see these big, bright eyes, how happy they are that they’re really starting to come back around then.”

McIntyre says he often travels in his spare time, many times to eastern Europe.

“I’m treating some animals (in) east Ukraine right up against the front lines with the Russians there and stuff, so you get some really hairy things you get to see over there, but it’s all fun you know,” said McIntyre.

He says he once got a dog chemotherapy after all the veterinarians in the region fled due to fighting.

McIntyre said, “We got chemo meds up to the border between the separatist-controlled region, and a Ukranian soldier took the meds 150 meters across the militarized zone to a Russian soldier who took it the other 150 meters to get the meds across the border there.”

McIntyre says traveling allows him to constantly keep on learning about life and medicine.

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